Blue Penguin Colony Oamaru, New Zealand

Blue Penguins Colony

Blue Penguin Colony Oamaru, New Zealand

When I was approached to do a commercial photoshoot of the ‘Premium Evening Viewing stand’ the Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony, my first thoughts were—-shooting wildlife with people moving and in low light conditions, this should be interesting!

This viewing stand is impressive! You get to enter into the breeding colony on a boardwalk and walk amongst their nesting burrows and sometimes you get to see them at the entry to their burrows. Once you get to the grandstand you are only 2 – 3 metres from where the Blue Penguins arrive & cross over into the Colony.

This shoot made me take my hat off to Wildlife photographers. This is a SUPER hard task, which requires so much patience, time, discomfort (from staying so still) and some VERY big lens!

Little Blue Penguins are so fast and they’re hearing is super-sonic, so if you move too fast they will let all the other Penguins know and then you miss your shot!

It was such a beautiful and peaceful night with the sun setting over the ocean and only the sounds one could hear was  that of the little Blue Penguins chatting away to each and the proximity of them, was pretty amazing! !