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  • High Country Carpentry - Twizel
  • High Country Carpentry - Twizel
  • High Country Carpentry - Twizel - Kitchen
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  • High Country Carpentry - Twizel
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About This Project

High Country Carpentry noticed a demand for locally based, skilled carpenters who understand the climate conditions and environmental issues in the South Island high country is growing.

It was in 2005 that Lain & Heather Hellmrich established High Country Carpentry and bought together a specialised team of skilled tradesmen who lived, worked and played in the region. Today the company has a commitment to take on local apprentices and continue to not only build a legacy of superior homes, but also build the skills of the young men in the community.

Both from long-time families in the MacKenzie, Lain and Heather maintain a strong ethical foundation with their clients and are transparent and open about all they do Providing clients with the reliability and accessibility expected from a trusted local provider, they also work closely with local architects, designers, saw millers, and respected sub-contractors to create the best end-result for you.

Where possible they use locally grown Douglas Fir, Macrocarpa, and Larch timber. Use of stone, glass block, and other natural materials also add to the integrity of their buildings.


Source: High Country Carpentry website