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About This Project

Captur8 Photography was asked to be one of the official Photographers at the New Zealand Eco Fashion Exposed in Lower Hutt, from the 24th to the 26th of July, what a challenge and a privilege!!

Photography wise, the event was a challenge; very low light, no flash, high ISO and moving subjects. This is usually a recipe for lots of blurry images and a lack of sharpness. I was shooting with 2 cameras (sometimes at the same time), but I am really happy with the results. The biggest pat on the back for me, is being asked to come back next year!:)

It was such a perfect event for me to be photographing, mixing my previous role (4 years ago) as Resource Exchange Coordinator, where I was helping businesses and members of the community recycle and look at alternative ways to re-use and reduce waste in the Waitaki District.